We invite you to 2020 BuDF.

 We invite you to 2020 BuDF.

As the COVID-19 is becoming a worldwide threat, the world has been going through a confusion that it has never experienced before. Not to mention the discrimination and hate between nations, races, and people, the process of the world peace and cooperation based on the collective values is collapsing. What we need now is to minimize the confusion and to reconfirm the basic fact that the world is a single community.

Busan Democracy Forum (BuDF), which has been discussing the values that are worthy for the global citizens along with their just rights, hopes to hold an online forum with the subject of “Transformative Glocal Civic Education Challenges for Peaceful, Just and Inclusive Society (SDG Target 4.7 and 16+ on COVID-19 Pandemic)” in this time of confusion started by COVID-19. In this forum hosted by Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) and the Preparation Committee of Busan Democracy Forum for 2 days from the 3rd of December 2020 to 4th, as suggested in the subject, diverse discussions on the sustainable roles and responsibilities between the world and its regions to prepare for the ‘Post-COVID-19’ era. Moreover, 2020 Global Citizenship Education Workshop that will be held alongside with Busan Democracy Forum will surely serve as a field of deep education on our minds, attitudes, and roles toward the neighbors of the world.

Busan Democracy Forum(BuDF), since its start in 2018, has been striving to dissolve the educational inequality for sustainable societies, to improve the roles of the global citizenship societies for justice and peace, and to improve democracy and the basic human rights based on SGDs 4.7. Following such efforts of Busan Democracy Forum(BuDF), it is noted that various forums such as 2019 Ulaanbaatar Democracy Forum (UBDF) and 2019 Tokyo Democracy Forum have been held by diverse parties of Asia to find solutions to the similar concerns.

2020 Busan Democracy Forum hopes to,
First, emphasize the importance of the cultivation of the responsible Glocal citizens for carrying out the SDGs in the pandemic situation of COVID-19 around the world and to seek ways to fulfill this by utilizing an integrated approach and setting mid/long-term tasks to achieve the objectives.
Second, deal with the problems of the climate change and inequality, the biggest challenges to our universal lives, in the view of the global citizenship education by linking them with various subjects such as sustainability for the preparation of the Post COVID-19 era, environment, human rights, peace/non-violence, cultural/religious diversity, and styles of living.
Third, find new alternatives and tasks to fulfill by establishing the civic independence in the preparation of the Post COVID-19 era through integrated approaches on the global citizenship education and SDGs 4.7, SDGs16+ and by discussing on the integrated ways to restore the collective values.

Although 2020 Busan Democracy Forum(BuDF) is held online due to COVID-19, it will transcend the limitation of the physical spaces and serve as a meaningful opportunity to confirm how the subjects on democracy, human rights, and peace sought by the SDGs 16 can be applied to our lives. We gently request you to actively participate on our subjects with a broad range of interests. We hope that our efforts can become excellent opportunities to take the collective view and awareness of the world one step higher once again, and we hope to meet you all in the Forum.

Thank you.

※ The word Glocal is a compound composed of Global + Local, and it implies the integrated understanding and fulfillment of the roles of the world and its regions.